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Open A Gym Business


If you are looking to open a gym, health club or studio, you are in the right place.

GYMCRAFTERS is a member’s only full service gym development and consulting company, created for people just like you.

The fitness industry is booming.  Annual reports from IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) put the revenue for the fitness industry over $50 billion, and we want to help you be a part of that.

Since 2009, GYMCRAFTERS has been helping people open their own gym or health club. Over the last 5 years, many of our members have realized their dream of gym ownership, at a cost that was 40 to 60% less than what they would have paid otherwise.

There are several paths available to owning your own gym:

Franchising, Licensing, or Creating Your Own Brand!

Franchising: Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness


  • Branding-  someone has invested lots of money to brand their name so when you open people will know who you are.
  • Turn Key model- all the pieces are there and the method has been tested out over time and repetition.


  • Cost- $25-$100k down, just to get in the door, plus $400-$1500 per month in royalties on your memberships.
  • Lack of flexibility -strict guidelines on how to set up and run your facility, limit your personal input into your business. You must follow their model and timetables, and use their vendors.
  • Penalties- or loss of franchise should you break the rules and not follow the model as prescribed.

Licensing: Gold’s Gym, RetroFit

Advantages:Licensed Stamp Official Approved Authorization

  • Less expensive than franchises.
  • Less restrictive than franchises.


  • Cost-  There are licensing fees for the name, logo, and online presence, and royalties to be paid on members.
  • Logos-  You are required to use and change their logos as they do.
  • Less continuity of service, and a badly run licensed club could potentially impact you.

OR...Create Your Own Brand!


  • Total autonomy
  • Create something newyour gym business BRAND
  • No rules to follow
  • You keep all the profits


  • Knowing what to do and when

That’s where GYMCRAFTERS comes in.

Our Members get:

  • No Fees or Royalties
  • Wholesale pricing on commercial gym equipment
  • Complete autonomy and flexibility
  • Online and Onsite Consulting with a team that has over 80 Years experience in the gym and fitness industry
  • Access to our preferred dealer pricing for door access, surveillance, tanning equipment, and software.

The #1 reason businesses don’t succeed is not enough operating revenue.

GYMCRAFTERS is dedicated to your success, and to making your Gym or Health Club competitive in a VERY competitive market. By saving you thousands on setting up your club, you will have the funds needed to drive your marketing campaigns and push people to your door.

The #2 reason is a lack of experience.

Having owned and operated a variety of facilities over the years, our expert staff understands the challenges you are going to face getting your business started and off the ground.
GYMCRAFTERS will help with:

  • Finding a space
  • Negotiating a lease
  • Creating a business plan and budget
  • Financing
  • Ordering and buying equipment
  • Onsite and online education
  • Our proven sales process
  • Presale assistance
  • Ongoing support

All of these decisions and more are crucial to your bottom line and long term success.

Don’t wait~ your FUTURE as a gym owner starts today!


It's Your Choice~ Do It The Hard Way....

  1. Design Your Business Plan and Procure Financing
  2. Locate a Property and Negotiate Your LeaseThe gym business is hard
  3. Order Your Equipment
  4. Hire and Train Your Staff
  5. Plan Your Presale
  6. Open Your Club and Hope for the Best


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