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24 Hour Door Access

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What is 24 Hour Access Control?

A software program combined with a barcode or proximity reader and EDC (Electronic Door Controller) providing controlled access for your facility's entrance doors.

How Does Access Control Work?

The member swipes a card or key tag through a card reader. The information on the card is then scanned, looking up the member’s record. If he/she is up to date or “current” then the system will send the signal to the door controller to unlock the door and allow the member access to the facility. Most electronically controlled locks require the same type of input to trigger; they all work by momentarily closing a circuit. Think of a doorbell where you press a button to trigger the doorbell chime.

Can I Control Who Gets Access and When?

Yes. You can specify which members are allowed access in various ways. For example you might allow access for only certain membership types or only those members who pay an extra fee each month for after-hours access.

Can I control access into special areas of my gym, like tanning?

Yes. Here are some examples:

  • Control access into men’s and women’s locker rooms
  • Control access into swimming pool, sauna, or steam area
  • Control access into tanning room
  • How many entrances can I control?
  • You can control up to 8 different entrances

What is the difference between barcodes and proximity cards?

A barcode is basically a series of black and white bars in a pattern that can be read by an optical reader. Barcodes are on almost every retail product we buy. Barcodes are inexpensive and easy to produce. To be read, a barcode needs to be swiped or scanned by a slot reader. (For a gym this would be mounted on a wall or doorframe)

A proximity card is a plastic card (or key fob) that contains a proprietary integrated circuit. To be read, the card would be placed within a few inches of the reader (a small plate) mounted on the wall or doorframe.

What are the Pros and Cons of each?


  • Inexpensive and non-proprietary.
  • Numbers range is limited to 65k.
  • Duplicated pretty easily.

Proximity cards:

  •  Proprietary
  • Carry a small chip inside that cannot be duplicated
  • More expensive per each

What type of lock should I purchase?

You can use any type of lock that works for the physical layout of your facility. The most common types of locks are the electric door strike and the magnetic lock.

The electric door strike is installed inside the frame of the door. When power is is applied, the strike releases and the door can be opened. When leaving, the member simply turns the door knob or pushes the handle as they would normally. This type of lock works best with a single door with a self-locking latch. It will NOT work with a deadbolt.

A magnetic lock or “maglock” consists of a very strong electromagnet attached to the door frame and a steel plate mounted on to the door. When electric current is applied to the magnet, the door is locked. When the current is stopped, the door can be opened. This type of lock works best if you have a deadbolt lock. The only requirement for our software is that the mechanism be controlled with a dry contact (like a door bell). The dry contact can be normally opened (electric strike) or normally closed (magnetic lock).

Where can I purchase an electric lock?

Your local locksmith or security company can usually provide you with what you need. We recommend that you have the lock professionally installed.

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