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Great Gym Marketing- Your Most Valuable Expense


Gyms and health clubs typically see membership surges in January, and late September.  Great gym marketing ensures traffic to your club, no matter what time of year it is.

No matter how awesome a club, your staff, or even your sales conversion rate might be, unless you have traffic- calls, walk-ins and referrals, your club is....dying.  Although, a certain amount of members might find their way to your front door, it is better to open multiple doors to your gym via social media, websites, newsletters, blogs, signs or print advertising.

Whether you rely on email marketing, newsletters, social media marketing, or good old fashioned print marketing for your club, GYMCRAFTERS can help.  Our marketing team can help you design campaigns, set up releases, post to your facebook regularly, schedule mailings, or compose tweets that keep you in the minds of your target audience.  We will evaluate your website for SEO, and make sure that you are listed properly across the internet.  We will help you create a marketing plan that generates results.  Then, we will teach you how to understand the reports and analytics, so that you make the most of every marketing dollar that you spend.

But gym marketing is not only outside the club.  Maximize your efforts by marketing internally too.  Your current members love you, and they have bought from you before, so they are primed to continue buying from you.  Think one stop shop. Internal marketing, customer appreciation, a referral program, all of these and many more ideas are available to GYMCRAFTERS clients, along with graphics,  and the supporting material that will put these ideas into action.


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