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Gym Design

Gym Design is more than placing furniture.

Formal gym design plans are often considered frivolous.  Most are hand drawn on some graph paper, if you are lucky.  But great design, spacing and traffic flow are critical components to your overall gym design, and ultimately its success.

 Proper placement of your cardio and strength  equipment will help you determine flow. Flow is the traffic patterns within the club.  It is important to consider how people will workout in your space, and the equipment should be clustered in logical ways.  It is also important to leave space to move, and where mirrors are placed.  There is nothing like sitting on an abduction machine, and facing a full-length mirror.

By carefully arranging areas and equipment in your space, you can encourage your members to experience all that your gym offers, and allow for maximum equipment without the feeling of being cramped or over full.  People like to be far enough away from their neighbor to avoid smelling them.

GYMCRAFTERS members receive a 3D gym design of their space included in their membership.   By creating your gym virtually BEFORE purchasing your equipment, you will save both time and money.  And besides, moving commercial fitness equipment is MUCH easier on a screen.


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