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Gym Consulting

Why do I need consulting?

Everyone benefits from a coach: business leaders, professional athletes and YOU.  Consultants provide experience in areas that you are unfamiliar, they provide guidance, and they give you a reference point to avoid making costly mistakes.

What Does a Gym Consultant DO?

Provides knowledge based on experience

Diagnoses and solves problems / issues / challenges

Recognizes opportunities

Recommends solutions

Provides an action plan


With over 80 years of experience opening, owning and managing fitness clubs of all sizes, GYMCRAFTERS is uniquely qualified to help you create a strategy to realize your dream of club ownership. Our gym consulting services benefit the prospective owner, the new owner, and the established owner.

New Clubs:

From the minute you decide that you want your own club, there are details that can make or break you.  GYMCRAFTERS can provide a step by step plan that ensures nothing is overlooked.

Gym Layout and Design

Location and Lease Negotiation

Business Planning

Market Analysis

HR Needs

Business Set Up and Organization

Pre-sale Plan

Existing Clubs:

If you are an owner of an existing club, and are struggling to make a profit, GYMCRAFTERS can help with that too.  Our troubleshooting services will pinpoint the places that need improvement, and provide an action plan to help you get to the next level of your success.




Streamlining Processes

Reporting and KPI Analysis

Secret Shopping

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