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Why Hire a Gym Consultant?

GYMCRAFTERS Consultants help you with:

  •  Analysis paralysis-Over thinking can lead to inaction. Having an experienced advisor in your corner can help make the easy decisions even easier.
  •  Not knowing whom to trust- In a competitive market, it is sometimes hard to turn to your peers, aka. your competitors. We are those peers, but without the competition.
  •  A different perspective- Someone who does not have a vested interested in being your "yes" man will tell you the hard truths that you need to hear.
Chris Moore

Chris Moore


Over the course of a career that spans 3 decades and with a background in personal training, Chris has owned and operated a successful personal training business, a PT studio, and several popular clubs in both Florida and Georgia. An award-winning salesman, comfortable in clubs of every size, Chris has spent the last several years working at the corporate level with a national fitness franchise, developing sales and marketing strategies for servicing new members and maximizing personal training revenue. He brings this knowledge of the business, his passion for fitness, and his gift for sales to GymCrafters, so that you, too, can achieve your dream of owning a fitness business.

Michelle Elzey

Michelle Luna-Elzey

Director of Operations

Michelle started her path to the fitness industry as a dance instructor, before moving up to group fitness management, sales, PT management and general management. She has worked in studios, small full service clubs, and 40,000 sq. ft. facilities. Her skills include: management, bookkeeping, HR, programing, personal training management and KPIs, and software. She has seen every part of the gym business (including competing in the NPC Figure division), and understands that being successful takes more than great equipment and programming. The fitness business is a people business. How you connect and inspire others can make the critical difference in the success of your business long and short term.

Chris Evans


Chris Evans comes to GYMCRAFTERS with a strong fitness sales and personal training background and over 15 years in the fitness industry.  He has worked in the clubs as a personal trainer, PT manager, and general manager, before opening his own personal training company and day spa in the north Atlanta area.

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Be Health Conscious

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