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How Gymcrafters Works

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Over 80 years of combined experience in gym ownership, management and personal training.


Top lines of commercial strength and cardio equipment, functional fitness equipment, and more.

Member Perks

Save up to 60% off retail prices with the first wholesale buyer's club for commercial fitness equipment.

A New Way to Open a Gym or Health Club


GYMCRAFTERS is for anyone who wants to open a gym, health club, Crossfit box, specialty or personal training studio.  In short, if you have ever thought about opening a fitness business, GYMCRAFTERS can help.

What exactly is GYMCRAFTERS?

GYMCRAFTERS is a Members Only, Fitness Consulting and Equipment Wholesale Buyer's Club.  This means, not only can we offer you the best prices available for commercial fitness equipment, GYMCRAFTERS can provide expert consulting, mentorship and guidance to ensure that new gym owners avoid costly mistakes.

How can GYMCRAFTERS help you?

GYMCRAFTERS is not only a place for equipment, we are a consulting group.  We have been in the fitness industry.  We have run clubs. We have made mistakes; we have had success.  We know what works, but more importantly, we know what doesn't.  We want you to be successful, not for us, but for you.  


Commercial Cardio

Commercial Strength

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Ready to Make Your Dream a Reality?

I recently joined GYMCRAFTERS. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. But then I received the confidential pricing on everything from weight machines and plate load equipment to software and flooring”. The savings is truly unbelievable! Everyone else I spoke with about buying commercial gym equipment for starting my new gym was twice as much as GYMCRAFTERS. Now that I am a member of GYMCRAFTERS I am excited about the money I will save when I open my new gym”!

John Kurle, Cedar Rapids, ND